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[One2up] My Wife s Murder  สืบศพ อำพรางบาป [VCD Master][พากย์ไทย]

[One2up] My Wife s Murder สืบศพ อำพรางบาป [VCD Master][พากย์ไทย]



My Wife s Murder  สืบศพ อำพรางบาป| 1.02GB
Police Inspector Tejpal Randhawa is assigned to investigate the case of the dead woman whose body was recovered from a small pond. Tejpal links this matter with a missing persons" report filed by Ravi Patwardhan and his father-in-law  ,   and subsequently has the dead woman identified as Sheela  ,   Ravi"s wife. According to Ravi  ,   Sheela had left their home to go to visit her parents. When she did not arrive at their house 24 hours later  ,   he himself had gone to their house  ,   and on not being able to locate her  ,   had accompanied his father-in-law to the nearest police station and filed a missing persons" report. Tejpal would like to conclude that Sheela was waylaid on her way to her parents" by person(s) unknown  ,   beaten  ,   and her body was left in the pond. But this case puzzles him  ,   as there was no apparent motive for unknown person(s) to waylay her  ,   as no money has been taken  ,   and her body has not shown any signs of sexual molestation. Taking these facts into consideration  ,   Tejpal starts to suspect Ravi. But what possible motive could Ravi  ,   a father of two children  ,   have in killing his wife?

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